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Starting from $1, any amount you can give is highly appreciated and goes directly to the most endangered species. We have many turtles that need your help and this donation will support those who are most vulnerable at the given moment.

Turtle Island is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organisation and your donation is tax-deductible, governed by U.S. tax laws (Tax ID number: 83-1706767).

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We appreciate any kind of donation and support.
We have many turtles who need feeding, clean water and medical help.
Support us by donating today!

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Oliver J.

I find it impressive what Peter Praschag has created with personal commitment and perseverance. He is making a great contribution to species conservation, and I am happy to support that with a donation to Turtle Island.

Marcin J.

Peter Praschag with Turtle Island inspired us to become active in species conservation ourselves. We now have many joint projects for the conservation of species. For us Peter Praschag is a hero, a turtle hero! Through his commitment he draws attention to the highly endangered species and has a demonstrably positive effect!

Every donation is in good hands and really makes a difference. Everyone who cares about turtles should support turtle-island! We have been doing this for years and nothing will change in the future ❤

Claudia P.

We like to donate a small amount each month to Turtle Island because we appreciate the work, the breeding of endangered turtles and education. The trade with these unique creatures must be stopped.

Stephan E.

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by turtles. For my private husbandry as well as for my scientific career I could learn a lot from the Praschag family. Therefore, it is a matter of honor for me to support the Turtle Island project and hopefully also make a small contribution to the preservation of the highly endangered animal group of turtles.

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