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We have 12 amazing turtle species from which you can choose. Every turtle is unique, just like you and me. Some turtles are shy, some are sociable and some are more laid-back.

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What is your favourite turtle ?

Every turtle is unique in its own way. Some turtles are timid, while others can be quite sociable. Do you have a favourite?

The beauty queen
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? ME.
Scientific name
Malaclemys terrapin
North America
The Elusive
My motto? Camouflage is everything.
Scientific name
Vijayachelys silvatica
Southwest India
The foodie
I am not hyperactive, I just don’t like losing time, or a meal!
Scientific name
Chitra indica
South Asia
The influencer
It’s meeeeee, the #instagoddess!
Scientific name
Testudo spp.
South Europe, Caucasus, North Africa
The joker
It´s good to know that people are laughing with me and not at me.
Scientific name
Chelodina mccordi
Critically Endangered
Rote Island, Indonesia
The orderly one
I love clean surroundings and a minimalistic style
Scientific name
Cycloderma aubryi
Central Africa
The original
I am an old school kind of guy
Scientific name
Macrochelys temminckii
The party animal
A little party never hurt anybody!
Scientific name
Platysternon megacephalum
Critically Endangered
Southeast Asia
The Austrian
I declare myself an Austrian and a European
Scientific name
Emys orbicularis
Near Threatened
Eurasia, North Africa
The introvert
I was socially distancing before it was cool!
Scientific name
Cuora zhoui
Critically Endangered
The athlete
Motivation and attitude lead to success and fabulousness
Scientific name
Batagur baska
Critically Endangered
South Asia
Spiritual one
The best thing you will ever do is having self-acceptance
Scientific name
Nilssonia nigricans
Critically Endangered
South Asia


Christopher H.

Sustainability as well as environmental, climate and species protection are of course particularly important to me as a budding biologist.

Thus, I try to make my contribution in my sphere of influence, such as my personal environment.

A "Turtle Island" sponsorship is a great gift, and can also be combined with a trip to the sponsored animal. On behalf of my son, I gave my wife Bianca a sponsorship for a European tortoise for Mother's Day this year.

Elcin R.

Ever since I was 4 years old, I have been fascinated by turtles. Why this is so, I can not even say exactly. My heart simply beats full of enthusiasm for these wonderful animals. And I feel responsibility for their protection and the preservation of their species. I wanted to pass on this enthusiasm as well as the responsibility to the next generation. That's why I gave my daughter a sponsorship.

For me, it's also part of supporting initiatives like Turtle Island via Amazon Smile. I think that Turtle Island - even as a relatively small initiative - makes a very valuable contribution to making our world a little bit better and more worth living in.

Ken F.

"Humans are in a special position to be aware of the threats of our time and to be able to act against them. Turtle Island takes a part of the related, big responsibility and protects endangered species of turtles that depend on our help. To be able to support this with a small contribution as part of the sponsorship is something great!"


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