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Turtle Island Sponsorship Packages
for individuals and companies

Give endangered turtles a chance to survive! With a sponsorship package you support the daily work of Turtle Island.

  • Social commitment, sustainability, nature, animal and environmental awareness are not just buzzwords for you, but lived practice?

  • You want to set an example in your personal environment?

  • You want your company's image to be associated with sustainability and animal welfare?

  • You would like to make your financial contributions to Turtle Island in the USA tax deductible?

If you can answer YES, become active now and make a statement with a sponsorship package.

Choose one of the packages or contact us for an individual offer.

I look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you personally.

Mag. (FH) Anita Pfeffinger
Marketing & Public Relations

Small packages

Package "Food"
250 USD

  • Covers the annual food requirement
    for one European tortoise

  • One-time posting on
    social media (if desired)

  • Certificate

Package "Light"
500 USD

  • Covers the cost of 10 specialty
    UV heat lamps.

  • One-time posting on
    social media (if desired)

  • Certificate

Big packages

Package "Energy"
2500 USD

  • Covers electricity, heating and energy costs for one month.

  • 1x per month posting in social media ("supported by...")

  • Turtle Island media patch to be used in your own media

  • Your logo and short presentation on the Turtle Island website

  • Certificate

Package "Crew"
5000 USD

  • Covers monthly personnel costs for animal care for one site

  • Package "ENERGY" plus:

  • 1 additional post per month on social media

  • 12 months your logo under "Our Sponsors" in the newsletter

  • A detailed posting on LinkedIn every quarter

  • Company presentation in the newsletter

Package "Premium"

  • Value according to agreement

  • Package "CREW" plus for example:

  • Editorial report in the newsletter

  • Mention in PR activities

  • Joint events

  • An employee or customer tour

  • Joint online fundraising activities

  • Your logo and company portrait on the Turtle Island website

Just get in contact with us!

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